Branding and Logo Design for Tennova Healthcare Located in Tennessee

Tennova Healthcare


Tennova Healthcare is a six-hospital system in East Tennessee. After it was acquired, a new name was developed that would mark a new beginning as the region's innovative healthcare leader. Our task was to communicate that brand essence with a new hospital identity consistently across all points of contact.

The new Tennova mark effectively communicates a rebirth of healthcare in Tennessee.

The arms-raised gesture symbolizes many positive things: victory, rebirth, joy and being welcome. Tennessee is known for its lush green foliage, so green was chosen to symbolize a fresh new brand.


2012 Gold Healthcare Advertising Awards – Logo

Clearview Regional Medical Center Hospital Launch Television Commercial Spot

Clearview Regional Medical Center


Walton Regional Medical Center was built in 1959 and was starting to show its age—a fact that was confirmed by consumer perception surveys. The new name, "Clearview," was chosen to reflect the new facility and a "fresh start" for the community. Clearview was designed to shake off the old-fashioned county hospital vibe and to convey a smart new hospital with more services, more physician specialties and improved quality ratings.

Clean. Fresh. Graphic. Memorable. These words set the tone for all brand communications and left audiences with a question—why go anywhere else for great healthcare?

Watch the Clearview Regional Medical Center Launch Campaign TV Spot Video Commercial

Salina Regional Health Center Kansas Hospital Marketing and Advertising Campaign

Salina Regional Health Center


Although it was perceived as having a wide range of services, high standards of care and the latest technologies, Salina Regional Health Center was also perceived as less than friendly, not very responsive and understaffed.

Dovetailing with internal initiatives, a complete rebranding effort was launched.

We then developed a testimonial campaign centered around positive patient experiences. The campaign included television, radio, print and direct mail. Today patient satisfaction scores are significantly higher and Salina Regional Health Center has reinforced its position as the premier healthcare provider in northern Kansas.

Sheridan Healthcare Outsourced Clinical Management Services Branding, Direct Mail, Patient Education Campaign and Social Media Management

Sheridan Healthcare

Niche Marketing

Sheridan Healthcare branding for hospital leaders:
Your bedside. Our manner.

Sheridan Healthcare is one of the nation's largest providers of physician services. In order to reach their target more effectively, they needed to position themselves as partners focused on the same issues faced by hospital leaders. Patient satisfaction plays an increasingly important role in hospital finances. Patient experience impacts revenue, reputation and physician satisfaction.

Viewing hospital services through the eyes of C-suite leaders inspired us to create a new branding premise based on the importance of good bedside manner under the tagline: Your bedside. Our manner.

This new positioning became the centerpiece for multiple projects, including a general branding campaign, a complete website revamp, a hospital metrics campaign, a series of videos, a patient education microsite, a 3-D direct mail campaign and an extensive surgeon satisfaction initiative.


2014 Gold Aster Award – Surgeon Satisfaction Campaign
2014 Gold Healthcare Advertising Award – Metrics Ad Series
2014 Merit Healthcare Advertising Award – Social Media Effort
2014 Bronze Healthcare Advertising Award – Patient Education Campaign
Tulsa Advertising Federation 2014 ADDY – Direct Marketing: Single – 3-D for the Sheridan Healthcare 3D-Direct Mail Piece

Sheridan Direct Marketing 3D-Direct Mail Piece
Marketing and Collateral for The Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis

The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis

Niche Marketing

For children with serious illnesses, The Children's Hospital at Saint Francis offers pediatric specialties and subspecialties not usually available in this region. As the area's only dedicated children's hospital, the facility is designed exclusively with children and families in mind.

We created a multi-media campaign to raise awareness and drive consumers to the website where they can learn more about this unique pediatric hospital. A colorful brochure features stories of some of the hundreds of children and families whose lives have been changed by the one-of-a-kind facility.

Other campaign elements include program ads, additional brochures, online banners, television spots, outdoor boards, physician Q and A ads and even a colorful bus wrap—all designed to convey the hospital's unusual child-friendly experience.


2014 Merit Healthcare Advertising Award – NICU Brochure
Tulsa Advertising Federation 2014 Best of Show ADDY – One Little Life Brochure for Saint Francis Health System

Physician Marketing Program for Free Preventive Screenings for Medicare Patients

Free Preventive Screenings

Niche Marketing

This program was created to educate staff, physicians and patients about the benefits of free preventive screenings available to eligible Medicare recipients. Through this informative program, Health Management was able to increase positive patient satisfaction, aid early identification of treatable conditions and increase patient awareness through outreach initiatives.

Lancaster Regional Pennsylvania Cancer Oncology Testimonial Campaign

Cancer Campaign for Lancaster Regional

Service Lines

Getting Back to Life

In developing a new oncology campaign for Lancaster Regional Medical Center, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Lancaster Regional's largest competitor was opening a new 70,000 square-foot, $46 million cancer center across town. They also had a hefty advertising budget to drive awareness of the new facility.

But as everyone knows, bigger isn't necessarily better. History and tradition run deep at Lancaster Regional. Being founded in 1883 by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia, it was the first hospital established in Lancaster County. And to date, the vision of its leadership has remained intact: to be the chosen partner at the heart of the lives of those we serve.

This unchanged commitment to the patient formed the basis of our messaging. Patient success stories were featured to emphasize Lancaster Regional's personal touch in the local market. Since the competition's messaging was focused on the building itself, we chose to convey the warmer side of Lancaster Regional with personal stories of triumph over a disease that afflicts so many.


2013 Bronze Aster Award

Cardiology Marketing We Know Hearts Campaign

We Know Hearts Campaign

Service Lines

When you're constantly focusing on the small picture, your service line can get lost. That's why we helped Wuesthoff Health System develop a new campaign that focused on their entire service line instead of individual physicians. It gave the health system a way to showcase their strengths that patients could connect to.

Watch the We Know Hearts Cardiology Campaign TV Spot Video Commercial

MAKOplasty Orthopedics Marketing Promotion for Clearview Hospital in Georgia

Orthopedics Campaign

Service Lines

The MAKOplasty® marketing toolkit was developed to serve as a comprehensive guide to help facilities build and sustain a strong MAKOplasty program to support orthopedic service lines.

The ads, direct mail pieces, seminars and other components have proven effective in multiple markets spanning the country. And, in most cases, when combined with multiple media types, such as a collaboration of online, PR and grassroots strategies, efforts have proven even more successful.

Emergency Department ER Extra® Disguise Marketing Campaign for Stroke and Heart Disease

ER Extra® Disguise Campaign

Urgent Care and Emergency Services

This campaign is actually a hybrid—part marketing and part public service announcement. The simple, eye-catching graphics communicate that heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms can seem like something else entirely. The campaign reminds consumers that during life-threatening emergencies, they need a full-service ER with complete cardiac and stroke capabilities.

The bold graphics and simple concepts effectively stand out in multiple mediums. And that's not just our opinion. The campaign won a Judge's Choice award for outstanding campaign. But another outdoor board also gained critical attention when a commuter decided to have his heartburn checked out. After his severe blockages were promptly treated, he wrote to thank the hospital for saving his life. How's that for a positive response?


2014 Judges Choice Aster Award
Tulsa Advertising Federation 2014 Judge‘s Choice ADDY — ER Extra Disguise Campaign

Watch the Disguise Campaign Stroke TV Spot Commercial Video

Website Design, Branding and Marketing Initiative for Xpress Wellness Urgent Care Clinic Launch in Oklahoma

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care Launch

Urgent Care and Emergency Services

Residents in smaller Central Oklahoma towns had few choices for urgent care until Xpress Wellness Urgent Care arrived. To announce the opening of these new freestanding clinics, we designed a simple, modern mark that emphasized the "X" in the company's unusual name. Elements of that same "X" were used as a directional device on outdoor boards and direct mailers.

A bandage was used to graphically reveal new locations with bold, direct messages. The brand promise implied by the company's name is supported by the tagline—because it hurts to wait.

Xpress Wellness Urgent Care Website Design

Pediatric Marketing Campaign for CarePlus Medical Clinics in Mississippi

CarePlus Medical Clinics Campaign

Urgent Care and Emergency Services

To make this group of 20 clinics in Mississippi stand out, we found a way to emphasize one large keyword within an accompanying phrase. Set against colorful backgrounds, the message comes through to consumers loud and clear. Playful, oversized photos of people added another dimension to the simple ads.

This approach allowed CarePlus to stand out from the typical me-too advertising that hospitals are prone to using.

Internal Cultural Initiative for HMA Employees called Getting2Great (G2G)


Employee Recruitment, Retention and Development

Getting2Great (G2G) was a company-wide initiative to build a stronger, more cohesive culture for Health Management's team of employees, physicians, caregivers and leaders. Although each of the company's 71 hospitals was distinctly different, G2G was designed to make sure everyone is working toward common goals and providing outstanding experiences for patients, families, physicians and employees.

To ensure that G2G is having a positive impact, its success is continuously monitored. Some of these measures include: patient perceptions, employee partnership, core measures, financial performance and the impact of innovative ideas.

Internal Training for Patient Experience for HMA employees called AIDET


Employee Recruitment, Retention and Development

AIDET is a tool that many hospitals have used to improve interactions between employees and those they serve. It can also be used to improve relationships between employees, physicians, volunteers and other representatives of the hospital. In one respect, AIDET is nothing more than good manners and practicing the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. In another respect, it is one of those intangible and rare qualities that can turn an ordinary hospital into an extraordinary one. A strong commitment to AIDET and its principles demonstrates an ongoing commitment to patient care.

SuperGrad Is a Nurse Recruitment Marketing Event for Saint Francis Health System


Employee Recruitment, Retention and Development

Saint Francis Health System wanted to be first on the list for graduating nurses to seek employment. The SuperGrad program celebrates their efforts by inviting them to a graduation party that offers networking opportunities with healthcare professionals where nurses could potentially kick-off their careers. SuperGrad was the first recruiting program of its kind and has been very successful in filling the need for qualified nurses.